Radio Gallery 06-16-2010: Russ Gran Jr.

Jun 16, 2010

Russel Gran Jr., resident of Washington Studios Artists' Co-op, shares the story behind his visual narrative with Radio Gallery. Washington Gallery will be exhibiting his narrative through June 27th.

Radio Gallery 6-16-10: Russel Gran Jr.

Gran shares with Radio Gallery the inspiration for his visual narrative, "Favorite Son," about a Northern Minnesotan boy and his various experiences through life. He explains his unique approach in exploring the life of the fictional character that he had created. Gran also presents his view on the particular style of his art, and what instilled his passion for art and painting. Gran's visual narrative is being exhibited at Washington Gallery located at 315 N. Lake Ave. in Duluth, MN through June 27th.

Russell Gran Jr.
Washington Gallery

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