Radio Gallery 05-19-10: Julianne Glawe & Ziyad Kadir

May 20, 2010

Throughout finals week at UMD, the students Ziyad Kadir and Julianne Glawe have been working to display their products for 2-D Digital Studio. Their pieces each represent something meaningful to their heritage and was on display at the Tweed Museum until May 11th.

Radio Gallery 05-19-10: Julianne Glawe & Ziyad Kadir

The Tweed Museum at the University of Minnesota-Duluth has exhibited student art as a way for them to share their work, and learn more about what it takes to exhibit work at a museum. Students Kadir and Glawe both had the opportunity to exhibit a project that they have each done in 2-D Digital studio. The project consisted of using a variety of mediums, and transferring it to a digital form. Kadir, a mechanical engineer and graphic design major, used drawing, charcoal, and then edited his pictures in photoshop. Glawe, a graphic design major and fine arts minor, used norwegian rosemaling, fabric flowers, pom poms, and a suitcase surface. Listen to them on Radio Gallery to hear more about the way in which their heritage and background played a role in inspiring their work.

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