Radio Gallery 05-02-2012 Letisha Rice

May 1, 2012

Radio Gallery spotlights the work of Letisha Rice, a UMD Grad who is showing her work in the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival art exhibit "Past, Present and Future: Teachers of Visual Arts," Thursday May 3 at 5pm at the Red Mug Coffee House & Gallery, opening Thursday evening.

Radio Gallery 05-02-2012 Letisha Rice

Letisha's work is inspired by nature and biology. She concentrates on color and composition.

Letisha Rice

The Homegrown Music Festival has expanded the number and scope of arts events in this years schedule. The festival runs through Sunday May 6th.

Homegrown Schedule

Arts venues include: The Duluth Art Institute Ochre Ghost Gallery Pr?ve Gallery The Red Mug Dewitt-Seitz Beaner's Central Zeitgeist Arts Zinema 2

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