Radio Gallery 02-02-2011: Linda Grover

Feb 1, 2011

Linda Grover, curator of Ojibwe Faces and Stories, the St. Louis County Historical Society's newest traveling exhibit, speaks with Radio gallery about the American painter Eastman Johnson and his experience in 1856 recording the lives of the native Ojibwe.

Radio Gallery 02-02-2011: Linda Grover

Grover, curator of Ojibwe Faces and Stories, shares the story of Eastman Johnson. Johnson is an American painter who drew portraits of the native Ojibwe, and the landscapes in the local area in 1856. The Ojibwe taught him about their way of life and he drew sketches to appropriately record the people and the spirit of the time. Johnson made 36 pieces: 13 oil, 22 charcoal and a pastel. Grover explains how many of the portraits look so much like people who we would know and recognize, providing a mirror of times past and ties of survival. These portraits represent the significance of the period of history and Johnson's presence was meant to be to record their history.

Eastman Johnson

Ojibwe Faces and Stories

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