Privilege: Who Has It, Who Doesn't and Who Doesn't See It - An Overview

Feb 22, 2016

Credit Tom Page/Flickr

We kick off a four-part series this week about privilege.  Just like the title says, who has it?  Who doesn't?  And who doesn't see it?

Jeremy Nevilles-Sorell of Mending the Sacred Hoop joins us to set the stage: what is it about being called "privileged" that makes so many people defensive ... and could we substitute words like "societal norms" or "advantages" or "luck" to talk about the same thing?

All this week on Northland Morning, we're unpacking the idea of "privilege."  We tend to equate "privilege" with money, but actually, it has more to do with cultural norms that favor some people and not others.  Not only do most people have privilege in one form or another (no matter how under-privileged  they might be in other ways), maybe the problem is the word itself.  Would it be easier to refer to "advantages" that some people have and others don't?  Or even luck?