Please, sir, may I have some more? University community would like more bus service at UMD

Mar 14, 2017

Speaking of DTA buses ... how's this for eye-catching?
Credit Sam Quackenbush

Can there be too much enthusiasm for public transportation? 

The Duluth Transit Authority is currently grappling with that situation.

Last month's focus group meeting with the University community about the DTA's campus service returned one message loud and clear: "We love the service; we just want more, please."

And a couple of other route expansions (and solutions to problems) may be getting the green light soon.

The good news, says DTA General Manager Dennis Jensen, is that transportation needs can be addressed almost immediately because there are very few layers of bureaucracy.

The not-as-good news, of course, is that budget is always an issue.  But a project with the MN DOT may be helping to solve that problem, too.

Comments and suggestions for the DTA can be submitted online by filling out this form.