MnDot: "we're always up for a good challenge"

Nov 3, 2017

(June 2017) Work continues on the new Highway 135 bridge on the Highway 53 project. The is looking northeast towards Landfill Road.
Credit ©MnDOT

Back in 1960, MnDOT built a chunk of Highway 53 on land owned by a mining company.

The only catch was, if the company wanted to get at the ore underneath the road, the road would have to be moved.

Fast forward 57 years and the road did indeed need to be moved, a project "cursed with a short timeline but blessed with resources."

Installation continues of a culvert that will carry the Mesabi Trail under Landfill Road.
Credit ©MnDOT

Houston says he's not headed to Disneyland to celebrate the completion of the project ... but he is going to deer camp.