MN Reads: "Down South Justice" by David Cowardin

Mar 10, 2016

"Maybe some day you will prove us wrong."

Those words from the managing editor of a local paper,  a dreadlocked best friend's deep-seated desire to road trip with no money, and stories  of  "the  culture of cruelty" in the southern US became a pilgrimage, of sorts, and a documentary called Roots of Rescue four years ago.

Duluthians David Cowardin and Joe Olivieri loaded their audio and video equipment into their orange 1984 camper van Lola and headed south to find their own definitions of courage and journalistic integrity through a series of interviews with people who live, daily, the sometimes life-threatening realities of companion animal rescue in the deep South.

In Down South Justice, Cowardin revisits those  two trips to Alabama and delves into the question of cruelty, both in the culture he writes about ... and in his own heart.