MN Reads: books for target practice, an "anonymous paper" of "a highly insubordinate nature"

Apr 6, 2017

Cover of the Army Fifth Regiment order book from 1826-1827
Credit Minnesota Historical Society

Orders given, orders recieved, courts-martial ...

An almost 200 year old order book, compiled by Colonel Josiah Snelling's adjutant between 1826 and 1827, recorded details of the U.S. Army's 5th Infantry Regiment beginning a year after the frontier outpost Fort St. Anthony was renamed after its commander.

Despite the passage of years and some water and buckshot damage, the book survived and found its way to the Minnesota Historical Society.  And as Associate Manuscripts Curator Shelby Edwards tells us, the 1800s were hazardous times for books.

detail from 5th Infantry Regiment's order book
Credit Minnesota Historical Society

The order book has been digitized, and you can download it and two other order books as PDFs: