KUMD is a Proud Sponsor of Northern Isolation III on the weekend of August 18-20

Aug 18, 2017

Northern Isolation III

Northern Isolation is a DIY experimental music festival based in Duluth supporting music and art of all kinds from punk to electronic, metal to anything that challenges the status quo. Led by longtime KUMD student DJ Dean Berlinerblau of Loud Noise, Northern Isolation serves as a vehicle of free speech and expression. 

The Festival takes place August 18, 19, and 20 with performances staggered between 315 Gallery and Blush.

Tickets are available here.

Current Lineup:

Iron Lung (Seattle, WA)
Planning For Burial (Wilkes-Barre, PA)
Alan Sparhawk (Duluth, MN)
Sunless (Minneapolis, MN)
Hive (Minneapolis, MN)
Miserable Friend (Appleton, WI)
Another Heaven (Minneapolis, MN)
Ire Wolves (Duluth, MN)
Ataxxia (Minneapolis, MN)
Dirty Knobs (Duluth, MN)
Modify (Duluth, MN)
Adam Biel (Minneapolis, MN)
Gin Street (Duluth, MN)
Cyrus Aluni (Duluth, MN)
Alec Larson (Duluth, MN)
Initial Witness (Duluth, MN)
Tiffani (Minneapolis, MN)
Secret Badass (Duluth, MN)
Staple (RU) (La Crosse, WI)
I.V. (Minneapolis, MN)
Shapeshifter (Minneapolis, MN)
The Allen Killian-Moore Ensemble (Duluth, MN)
Multivitamin (Duluth, MN)
Ethanol (Duluth, MN)