Homegrown Music Festival 2017: Day 8

May 8, 2017

Breanne Marie and the Front Porch Sinners
Credit Christine Dean for KUMD

The last day of the Homegrown Music Festival started at the respectable hour of 11am, giving the previous night's festival goers the chance to pop some ibuprofen, drink some coffee, and wait for the caffeine to kick in before heading out for one last round of music.

Jacob Mahon (hear our session with him here) made his first Homegrown appearance at the Blind Pig, sporting a blue suit jacket and welcoming guest performers Kristy Marie and Mama's Stolen Horses onstage. Jazz Time and Stel followed.

At 1:30 the action moved to Canal Park Brewing, where Breanne Marie and the Front Porch Sinners played a spirited country set.

Golden Valley
Credit Christine Dean for KUMD

Next up was Golden Valley, a new band with some familiar faces. Jordan Taylor, formerly of the Two Beat Band, was joined by Dave Mehling and Adam Rosenthal of Portage and Jason Hildebrandt for a set of self-described "psychedelic spaghetti western" tunes.

They were followed by the Mark Anderson Trio, officially bringing the 2017 Homegrown Music Festival to a jazzy close.

Unofficially, there was one last event before hard core Homegrown fans were ready to let go for another year. Dan Anderson and His Silk Sheiks, who used to have the official Homegrown closing slot, have recently begun a tradition of tacking on an unofficial Sunday show to end the day. They performed a groovy lounge set at the Red Herring. At one point Anderson invited Chad Lyons of the Bottle Jockeys onstage, saying he felt bad that Lyons had slept through his beloved kickball game this year, and the band ripped through a Jethro Tull cover with Lyons on vocals.

And, that's a wrap. After the usual post-festival flurry of thank yous and "don't forget to go see live music the rest of the year" reminders on Facebook, Homegrown 2017 will be just a beautiful memory, and the countdown to the festival's 20th anniversary in 2018 will begin.