Green Visions: everything rolls downhill

Oct 26, 2016

Credit US Forest Service

It makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Everything rolls downhill.

So, depending on the landscape, it may end up in the nearest lake.  In our case, that's Lake Superior.

A fascinating partnership exists with the US Forest Service and Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute), a company that develops geographic information systems (GIS) that provide a variety of mapping functions.

So not only can we learn more about the connections between land and water (and water quality), Dr Hobie Perry says it's providing a new way "to finish our science" by making the data more available to the public.

For a look at the Forest Service's  "engagement portfolio" with links to a variety of data - in a variety of formats - you can click here.

For a look at the information called Linking Land and Water, click here.