Green Visions: back away from the fawn and no one will get hurt

May 18, 2016

one of last year's newborn twin fawns, getting a quick once-over from Douglas County Humane Society staff before being returned to their mother
Credit ©Douglas County Humane Society

A baby bison in Yellowstone was euthanized this week after a visitor to the park thought it had become separated from its mother and put the calf in his car.

Last year, a similar tragedy was narrowly averted when people found newborn twin fawns.  They called Wildwoods Wildlife Rehabilitation for advice, but when they were told to leave the fawns alone  they ignored the advice and packed up the newborns and hauled them to the Douglas County Humane Society instead.  Douglas County checked over the fawns, had the people show them where the fawns had been taken from and returned them so their mother could care for them - which she did.

So how do we know what to do ... when our best intentions with regard to baby wildlife so often lead us astray?  Simple: call Wildwoods first or check out this page of their website.