Forever Home (and the confusion over service, therapy and emotional support animals)

Apr 14, 2016

Caroline is a female Shepherd mix , guessed to be approximately 1 year old. Caroline came to us because she was scheduled to be euthanized at a kill facility. She is very afraid, but she craves the attention. She has shown no signs of aggression, just fear. When Caroline learns to trust, I have no doubt she will be a Velcro dog, stuck like glue to her humans. She is a beauty.

Tippy is a black and white Labrador Retriever mix who is 2 years old . He came to us as a transfer from the Duluth Animal shelter, and is now looking for his new loving home! Tippy is a friendly and energetic dog that just wants to play. He enjoys exploring, and his favorite game is keep away. He loves to be pet, give kisses, and does well when interacting with other dogs. He also does well with kennels. He's quite a tail-wagger!

Yum-Yum is a black and brown Siamese-Manx who is 8 and a half years old. She came to us from a previous home and is now looking for her new loving home! Yum-Yum is very talkative, despite her shyness. She loves receiving head scratches or tummy rubs, and is up for playing with whatever toys you bring her! She's also loves to cuddle, but would prefer to curl up in a home without kids or dogs. 

Rascal is a grey and white colored Siamese feline, with icy blue eyes, who is 18 years old. He came to us from a previous home and is now looking for his new loving home! Rascal is still very active in his old age, he loves playing with toys, and loves getting crazy with some catnip! He reportedly does well with calmer dogs, but would prefer a home without larger high-energy dogs. He loves to walk around on a leash, and he would love for you to stop by to visit with him!