Fascinating partnership forges even more new connections

Sep 27, 2017

Maren Levad of the MNHS spent two years traveling Minnesota to collect images that speak to Minnesotans. This image is one of the favorites.
Credit Minnesota Historical Society

The heartbreak of dementia, obviously, is losing the ability to connect with someone you love.

But the solution could soon be in the palm of your hand. 

The milking stool was another image widely - and happily - recognized by Minnesotans, but they emphasized that it needed to be a three-legged stool: four-legged stools were "for lazy people"
Credit Minnesota Historical Society

The Minnesota Historical Society is the first museum outside the UK to adapt the National Museums Liverpool's House of Memories app, a collection of images designed to spark recognition, memories and conversations between folks with dementia and their caregivers or loved ones.

Creating meaningful conversations with dementia-sufferers isn't just a blessing for family and friends; it can decrease burnout among caregivers, too
Credit Minnesota Historical Society

More information about the House of Memories app can be found here (about the original program in the UK) and here (on the Minnesota Historical Society's website).  Folks can also contact Maren Levad, the app's program manager, to learn more.