Breaking the silence and saying thank you - pizza and ice cream is a start

Mar 29, 2016

Fletcher Hinds writes,"The picture was taken near An Hoa Vietnam in the summer of 1969. The children in near by villages often connected with us looking for food and attention."
Credit Fletcher Hinds

When Fletcher Hinds returned to Minnesota in 1969 from his tour of duty in Vietnam ... no one said anything to him about his time in the service.

While many Minnesota vets didn't face the venom and protests that others around the country did, the silence was just as hard.

50 years after the start of that war, communities around the country are holding celebrations to thank and honor Vietnam vets.  The Depot is hosting a celebration of those veterans today, a relaxed, free public event featuring, among other things, pizza and ice cream. 

"I spent a year eating sea rations in the bush.  If we had had ice cream or pizza it'd been heaven."  ~ Fletcher Hinds