Beargrease 2017: Trail Reports - MONDAY: Some winners, some snow, and a radio finish!

Jan 30, 2017

It was a fast start for the John Beargrease Sled Dog marathon yesterday, and we have lots of winners to report already.

2017 JR Race Results

1.  Jasper Johnson, Duluth, MN

2. Julia Cross, Thunder Bay, ON

3.  Talia Martens, Brule, WI

4. Samuel Louters, Hollandale, MN

2017 Rec Race Results (top 5)

1. Jim Ward - Duluth, MN
2. Ann Stead - Duluth, MN
3. Linus Meyer - Melrose, MN
4. Darcy Stanley-Nord, - Milaca, MN
5. Morgan McClelland - Isabella, MN

Mid-distance winner Martha Schouweiler with her lead dogs Normandy and Kersey
Credit John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon

In the mid-distance race, Martha Schouweiler of Irma, Wisconsin won for the third time in a row, coming  across the finish line just two minutes before competitor Ross Fraboni this morning around 7:00am.

And while we're still waiting for the list of finishers in the mid-distance race, race director Jason Rice looked out the window and spotted Jennifer Freking crossing the finish line this morning!

2017 Mid-Distance Finishers (so far)

1 Martha Schouweiler, Irma, Wi

2.  Ross Fraboni, Duluth, MN

3.  Bruce Langmaid, Kearney ON

4. Mike Beston, St. Cloud, MN

5. Rita Weheseler, Tofte, MN

By 2 pm on Monday, Ryan Redington is the first to arrive at the mid-way point in Grand Portage! However, later in the race he will have to take additional mandatory rest that others have already acquired.  Whether his strategy of pushing ahead early will work remains to be seen.  The new snowfall hasn't been a huge factor yet, but as it continues to come down it may impact racers farther back in the pack. Tune in tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. to find out!

Here are some photos from the Two Harbors to Trail Center leg of the Marathon.  Thank you to special contributors Jessica Phoenix and Kyle Krohn, both of whom work with the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon Photo Exhibit!

Leaving Trail Center
Credit ©Jessica Phoenix

Coming into Trail Center
Credit ©Jessica Phoenix

Coming into Trail Center
Credit ©Jessica Phoenix

Finland checkpoint several years ago, between 2 & 3 am. Kyle says the temp was 28 below zero. The checkpoint coordinator had placed luminaries in the trees as a welcome to the mushers coming into the checkpoint
Credit ©Kyle Krohn

Sawbill checkpoint- Sawbill is the only checkpoint that is non assisted. Meaning the musher cannot have help bedding his/her team, preparing the food or anything. This is the test for those who want to qualify for the Iditarod Race.
Credit ©Kyle Krohn