Backyard Almanac with Larry Weber - liver, duck dates and the Minnesota Twins

Apr 15, 2016

Credit Laurette.C/Flickr, Web MD LLC.

The first wildflowers are in bloom! Hepatica gets its name from the Greek hepar, for 'liver' referring to the shape of the leaves.  And of course it's an easy intellectual jump from there that the plant would be good for treating liver ailments.

Duck Date, 5:30am, Ordean Court
Credit ©Lisa Johnson

Duck date: this photo was taken just after the mallard drake showcased one of his smooth moves for the hen.  Larry says unique courtship displays help prevent cross-species breeding: who woulda thunk it?

Credit Illustration by David Rappoccio

Things have changed so much in the natural world this week that Larry says only two things have remained constant: the wind continues to blow from the east and the Minnesota Twins continue to lose.