8/28 Radio Theatre: Tony Tracy of the Douglas County Historical Society

Aug 28, 2015

Charles Starkweather, Katharine Lenroot and David Barry - all early luminaries in Douglas County history
Credit Douglas County Historical Society

History comes alive - literally - at the Douglas County Historical Society.

The original play,  called Hardball,  was co-written by Michael Bettencourt, Robert E. Ozasky and Dean Kaner about Dean's grandfather, Hank Kaner;  a baseball phenom from Superior in the '20s who was drafted for the major leagues but faced a dilemma: his Jewish faith prohibited working on Saturdays - and that included pitching baseball games.

Then at the end of the month, the "Every Plot Has A Story": Living History Walk will take you through Superior's Greenwood Cemetery, where a tour guide and costumed actors will introduce you to luminaries of Superior and Douglas County's past.