4/30 Radio Gallery: Art-a-Whirl Preview

Apr 29, 2014

Every May brings Art-A-Whirl and this year the 3-day Northeast Minneapolis Arts celebration is May 16th, 17th & 18th. Radio Gallery speaks with painter Laurie Salmela, a long-time Art-A Whirl participant.

4/30 Radio Gallery: Art-a-Whirl Preview

Art-A-Whirl is one of the largest, longest and longest-running Minnesota Arts celebrations. Once a year hundreds of artists in the old warehouse buildings of Northeast Minneapolis open their studios to the public, give workshops, share food and their work. Over 3 days, art is taught, created, bought, sold, shared, and talked about. The event is a self guided tour of hundreds of high caliber artists along with music, wine and camaraderie. Every year there is too much to see, even if you spend all three days there. Our guest Laurie Salmela has participated in Art-A-Whirl for 16 years.

Laurie Salmela

2014 Art-A-Whirl

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