310 miles in 9 days? A small price to pay for protecting Lake Superior's water

Aug 10, 2016

Shawna Weaver

  After two corrective back surgeries a decade ago that should have ended her ability to exercise, Shawna Weaver restored her body with yoga and physical therapy.  Now, successfully managing her chronic pain, she is planning to run the length of the Superior Hiking Trail – all 310 miles, from Canada down the north shore of Lake Superior – over the course of nine days.

We talked with Shawna about this feat, and about the real goal of this run: raising awareness for the need to protect and conserve the waters of Lake Superior. A documentary film crew will be with her along the way, and she will be interviewing scientists, community leaders, musicians and artists about the trail, the shoreline, and the great Lake Superior that contains ten percent of the planet's drinkable water.

Shawna Weaver, PhD. is an Instructor at the College of Saint Scholastica, and a Humane Education Manager for Animal Allies Humane Society in Duluth.