12/28 Caring & Sharing: All Nations Indigenous Center thinking outside the (500 sq. ft) box

Dec 28, 2015

Credit Anthony Hernandez. Used with permission.

It's a tiny little building on East Second Street; 14 by 36 feet. 

But the All Nations Indigenous Center is thinking outside their 500 square foot box.  From their tiny headquarters, they're busily:

  • planning how to get computers for their afterschool program
  • outlining offerings for the Buffalo Heart summer camp (focusing on traditional teachings in drum, flute, dance and language)
  • reaching out to youth caught between cultures and giving them the information they need to make choices about all aspects of their heritage
  • planning community events with a strong focus on sobriety
  • addressing the  crises of HIV, heroin, drugs and alcohol
  • educating social workers about the Indian Child Welfare Act  and advocating for families
  • offering parenting classes,
  • providing a place for elders to spend beading,  sewing, quilting on Sundays and developing other classes