1/14 "Treaty rights are meaningless if the resources aren't healthy"

Jan 14, 2016

"Nibi zhaawendaagwak" by Ivy Vainio. A lone butterfly travels just above the growing manoomin (wild rice) on Rice Portage Lake in Sawyer, MN. "Nibi zhaawendaagwak" means "blessed water" in the Ojibwe language.
Credit ©Ivy Vainio. Used with permission.

Peter David was just another nice German-Polish kid from Green Bay until he finished college and took a job as a biologist for the Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission based in Odanah, WI.

There, tribal elders and ricers showed him a lifeway that didn't give humans dominion: in fact, just the opposite.  Because people depend on plants and animals for sustenance, they should in fact be humble before other forms of creation.

Peter is coming to UMD next week to deliver a presentation called Respecting the Ricing Moon: a biologist's thoughts on preserving the Ojibwe's relationship with Manoomin.