1/12 "And No need to worry ive adapted to the climate without fault"

Jan 12, 2016

Saturday night, Deb tried unsuccessfully to persuade this man to come to shelter or at least accept a pair of warm boots. The man, suffering from a mental illness, insisted he was fine. Windchills were -19 below zero Saturday night.
Credit Deb Holman

Deb Holman is pretty much on call 24/7.

The street outreach worker with CHUM and HDC makes sure the people she works with have her number so they can call or text for help if they need it.

But it's the people who don't think they need help -- like the man was sleeping outside Saturday night and  texted her that he'd "adapted to the climate" -- that worry her the most, especially when wind chills drop into the 20s and 30s below.