Vicki Jacoba

Station Manager

Vicki has proclaimed to be pretty much a Kansas girl who grew up loving pond fishing, camping and almost any furry animal. The only thing she didn’t like about Kansas was the heat. Average summer temps were typically above 100 degrees. When she headed off to college she had no idea what a creative girl could do when she couldn’t sing, or paint or dance. She couldn’t play an instrument and though she wouldn’t admit it, she even stunk at sports. But, she could do one thing pretty well – she liked to talk. Unfortunately, talking didn’t make for much of a career. Except for, you guessed it - Radio...

 Vicki has worked in radio since 1976, doing just about everything. She even did live play-by-play once, but, just once (yeah, she stunk at that too!). After a few years behind the mic, she found she really wanted to teach, and to teach radio. After finishing her Masters degree, she took her first teaching/managing job in Colby, Kansas and later taught broadcasting in Michigan and Iowa. She came to KUMD in August, 2008 from the Omaha market. Finally, she was able to do what she love doing, working with students while managing a fantastic community radio station and she got to do it in Duluth, where the average summer temperature is around 70. In her words “Ain’t life grand!”

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