Basement DJ

Sunday nights 11pm-1am
Major: Marketing & Graphic Design
Listens to: Anything creative and interesting
Favorite Albums: Geogaddi (Boards of Canada), Talk Amongst the Trees (Eluvium), Selected Ambient Works Volume II (Aphex Twin), Harmony in Ultraviolet (Tim Hecker), Theory of Machines (Ben Frost), Substrata (Biosphere), Dive (Tycho), Jane Doe (Converge), World Extermination (Insect Warfare), Demo 2012 (S.H.I.T.), Hate Ashbury (Bongripper), Not Like This (Iron Chic), Immaculada (The Men), American Football (American Football), The Gordons(The Gordons), All is Violent, All is Bright (God is an Astronaut), All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone (Explosions in the Sky), Mankind (Infest), Music For 18 Musicians (Steve Reich), Under Color of Official Right (Protomartyr), Observant Com El Mon Destrueix (Una Bestia Incontrolable)