Chris Harwood

Production Director

Chris Harwood grew up in Duluth, and as a high school student he was a volunteer announcer at KUMD.  He received a BA in Music from Macalester College in 1993, and an MA in Musicology from Columbia University in 2004.  Upon returning to Duluth in 2006, he resumed volunteering as the host of Blues Alley until 2013.  As a volunteer, he also created and continues to host Soul Village since it began in early 2009.

Now also employed as KUMD's Production Director, Chris oversees the creation of pre-recorded announcements and many other on-air programs, including Women's Words and Ojibwe Stories: Gaganoonididaa.  On the air, he can be heard regularly on Music Through the Day on Mondays and Tuesdays, on Soul Village on Friday afternoons, and occasionally hosts Northland Morning as well. 

Chris is a musician, a music historian, and an avid record collector.  He has worked as an audio engineer, an arranger, and a record producer.  In the mid-1990s Chris was the Music Coordinator for A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor.  He has also worked for BMI, The Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra, and worked behind the scenes for many musicals and concerts in New York City. 

Ways to Connect

Women's Words on November 25, 2012 featured Sheila Packa, a former Duluth poet laureate, who read three poems, "Vermillion Trail, " "Not Forgotten," and "Fox, No Longer Hidden."

Women's Words: November 25, 2012: Sheila Packa

Sheila Packa writes about northern Minnesota. She was Duluth's Poet Laureate 2010-2012, and she teaches writing at Lake Superior College. See her website and blog about poetry process at

Women's Words on November 18, 2012 again featured Amy Jo Swing of Duluth, this time reading a chapter called "Lollypop, Lollypop" from her middle grade novel-in-progress called Mo the Mouse and the Train of Words.

Women's Words: November 18, 2012: Amy Jo Swing

Women's Words on November 11, 2012 featured Amy Jo Swing of Duluth, reading three poems: "Coloring the Monsters," "Crossing It Off," and "Wordage."

Women's Words: November 11, 2012: Amy Jo Swing

Womens Words on November 4, 2012, featured Cheryl Reitan of Duluth, reading her short story "Survival."

Women's Words: November 4, 2012: Cheryl Reitan

Womens Words on October 28 featured Terry Falsani of Duluth, reading three poems, Onerous Words, Halloween, and Closure.

Women's Words: October 28, 2012: Terry Falsani

Women's Words on October 21, 2012 featured Margi Preus of Duluth, Minnesota, reading a second excerpt from her newest book Shadow on the Mountain; A Novel Inspired by the True Adventures of a Wartime Spy.

Women's Words: October 21, 2012: Margi Preus

Women's Words on Sunday October 14 featured Erin O'Daniel reading her short story, "Frida Kahlo Is Duluth."

Women's Words: October 14, 2012: Erin O'Daniel

Women's Words on Sunday October 7 featured P.A. Pashibin, reading to us three poems, "Fall Plantings," "Last Ant, Under Glass," and "Beauty."

Women's Words: October 7, 2012: P.A. Pashibin

Women's Words on Sunday, September 30 featured Gail Trowbridge, a writer from Duluth, reading her short story "Cardboard Castle."

Gail Trowbridge has published articles, short stories and essays in magazines, journals and newspapers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. She received third prize in Lake Superior Writers 2010 contest for her short story "Good Christian Charity," and second prize in Minnesota Literature's 2007 Essay Contest for "The Linotype." In 2011, she received a McKnight-ARAC Career Development Grant. Gail is a board member of Lake Superior Writers.

Women's Words on Sunday, September 23 featured Dr. Linda LeGarde Grover, reading an excerpt of her manuscript The Road Back to Sweetgrass, a work that received the 2008 Native Writers Circle of the Americas First Book Award.

Women's Words on Sunday September 16 featured Liz Minette, a poet from Esko (and also a featured announcer of our own Women's Music program on KUMD!). She reads two of her poems, "thistle" and "Four Crows." Funding for Women's Words is provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Women's Words, September 16, 2012: Liz Minette

- thistle

- Four Crows

The first episode of Women's Words aired on KUMD Sunday, September 9th during the Women's Music Program, and featured author Margi Preus of Duluth, a writer of many books and plays. She received a Newbery Honor for her book Heart of a Samurai, and her new book Shadow on the Mountain; A Novel Inspired by the True Adventures of a Wartime Spy is being published this month by Amulet Books.

Funding for Women's Words is provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Margi Preus