• Basement DJ

    Tuesday 9-11pm
    Major: Instrumental Music Education
    Listens to: Duo Groups, Music to Sad-Mosh to, music to angry-most to.

  • Basement DJ

    Wednesday 9-11pm
    Major: Communication Minor: Business Administration
    Listens to: Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock/Shoegaze, Jam, Hip Hop, Classic...

  • Wednesdays 11pm—1am
    Majors: Business Administration & Environmental Studies

    Listens to: BadBadNotGood, Paper Parlor, St. Paul & The Broken Bones, Hermitude, Hiatus Kayote, Charles...

  • Basement DJ

    Time Slot: Thursdays 1am-3am

    Major: Marketing

    Listens to: Jazz, Folk, Indie, Alternative, Rock, Rap, Metal, Funk.


  • Basement DJ

    Time Slot: Wednesdays 11pm-1am

    Majors: Math and Statistics

    Listens to: Shoegaze, Hip Hop, Pop, House, New Wave, Disco, Minimal Techno

  • Basement DJ

    Sunday nights 11pm-1am
    Major: Marketing & Graphic Design
    Listens to: Anything creative and interesting
    Favorite Albums: Geogaddi (Boards of Canada), Talk Amongst the Trees (Eluvium), Selected Ambient Works Volume II ...

  • Basement DJ

    Time Slot: Tuesdays 11pm-1am (Nick Bauer Power Hour)

    Major: Economics

    Listens to: The 1975, Two Door Cinema Club, Gambino, Glass Animals, Sufjan...

  • Basement DJ

    Time Slot: Thursdays 11-1

    Major: Communicative Arts and Literature Education/ English

    Listens to: Psychedelic rock, Indie, Folk, Electronica, Rap


  • Basement DJ

    Time Slot: 11-1 Wednesday

    Major: Communications

    Listens to: Mainly happy music

    Favorite Album(s): Look up, CAMP...

  • Basement DJ

    Time Slot: Mondays 1-3am

    Major: Music & Theatre double major

    Listens to: Folk, Math Rock, Electronica, Funk, R&B, anything & everything...

  • Basement DJ

    Time Slot: 1am-3am Mondays

    Major: Anthropology

    Minor(s): Sociology, Museum Studies certificate

    Listens to: Jazz,...

  • Basement DJ

    Time: 1-3 Wednesdays

    Major: Computer Science

    Listens to: Metal, Jazz, and everything inbetween

    Favorite Albums:

  • Basement DJ

    Thursday 9-11pm

    Major: Geography & GIS
    Listens to: 50% loud guitars, 50% rap lyrics, anything indie
    Favorite Album(s): Cage the...

  • Basement DJ

    Time slot: Mondays 11-1am

    Major: Undecided

    Listens to: garage punk, classic rock, indie, psychedelic, funk  


  • Basement DJ

    Tuesday 11-1
    Majors: Communication and Anthropology
    Listens to: Father John Misty, Mac Demarco, Frank Ocean, Sublime, Kurt Vile, SZA, Tame Impala, King Krule