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Families return again and again to DAI's Free Family Art Day

Just this morning on Radio Gallery , North House Folk School Director Greg Wright said, "This world somehow makes us think we need permission to do things.

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Four kids standing in front of a wall of CDs
Christine Dean for KUMD

12/14 Live From Studio A: The Langertsons

If you've seen the Mahtowah, Minnesota country gospel band the Holy Hootenanners, you know they sometimes bring their kids onstage to contribute to a tune or two. Now some of those offspring, ranging in age from 11 to 14, have formed their own group and recently recorded an album with Rich Mattson at Sparta Sound. They have a release show for that disc, American Hippie , on Saturday, December 16 at Beaner's Central in Duluth and joined us in the studio on December 14, 2017 for a preview. We...

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Maija Jenson

"Mixtape Project 2" on The Local

Storytelling and music come together in "The Mixtape Project 2" from Minnesota artist, photographer, filmmaker and community organizer Daniel Oyinloye. Oyinloye has spent 2017 working with boys at Duluth's Woodland Hills Youth and Family Services residential program, producing hip-hop, a creative avenue for introspection and personal growth.

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Friday, May 5th, 1pm.

Guitarist Goran Ivanovic was born in what was then Yugoslavia. He's now based in Chicago, but his music reflects his Balkan heritage as well as jazz and classical influences.

Friday, April 14th at 3pm.

Join us for a session with this Minneapolis roots-rock singer-songwriter. He plays later the same night at Fitger's Brewhouse.

Join us in the Weber Music Hall on the UMD campus on Wednesday, May 24th at 2pm for a celebration of the life and music of Bob Dylan on his 65th birthday. It's an afternoon of live music from Duluth's finest bands paying tribute to Bob. Everyone is welcome to join us for this free event.

Bands performing will include No Wait Wait, Jerree Small, Boy Girl Boy Girl, Hattie and the Black Frames, Wet Dog, Hobo Nephews, Rich Mattson, Sterling Waters, and more.

Friday, April 14th at 1pm.

Join us for an in-studio session with David Boone.

Joe performed in our studio on April 21st, 2006.

April 21st, 2006

This Minnesota guitar virtuoso had to re-train himself to play his instrument left-handed after suffering from a disease that affected his hand. He stopped by our studios to talk about this and other aspects of his career, and to play some tunes.

Friday, April 21st at 2pm.

Join us for a session with Erik Koskinen and Frankie Lee.

In our studios Friday, April 7th at 1pm.

Join us for a session with some of the local bands featured on "Duluth Does Dylan Revisited," a second compilation paying homage to our best-known native son.

Live from the Weber Music Hall on Friday, April 7th at 3pm. This session is open to the public, so join us for what promises to be a fun hour of music and conversation.

Tom Russell joins us for a preview of his show at the Sacred Heart Music Center.

Listen to our session with this Wisconsin group, headed by singer/keyboardist Liz Woodworth, recorded in our studios on March 10th, 2006.


Featured Live From Studio A

Joe K. Walsh, Darol Anger, Danny Barnes, Grant Gordy, and Brynn Davies Will Join Us Live, December 15 at 2pm

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