7/3 Animal Allies adopts a new app to reunite lost dogs with their families

Animal Allies Humane Society is the first in Minnesota to Partner with Finding Rover, a free app that helps reunite lost dogs with their families. In addition, all dogs who come through Animal Allies' shelter will have their information put in the app -- and you won't believe how it works.
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7/1 Radio Gallery: Carolyn Halliday

Our guest this week is Carolyn Halliday, who implements nontraditional materials and recycled objects, including the gut, into woven sculptural tapestries to create anthropological perceptions. "Poetics of Evolution" is open to the public until July 9 at the Duluth Art Institute's John Steffl Gallery. She will also be conducting an artist talk at the gallery on July 9 at 5:30 to discuss these innovative sculptures. Duluth Art Institute Carolyn Halliday
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6/26 Live From Studio A: The Holy Hootenanners

This country gospel group, which includes local musician Colleen Myhre, got its start playing at a small country church in Mahtowa, Minnesota. They recently released their second album and will join us in the studio on Friday, June 26 at 1pm. They'll perform at a CD release show onSunday, June 28 at 7pm at Teatro Zuccone in Duluth.
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Sandy Roggenkamp

Author and naturalist Larry Weber wraps up out June weather (a little bit warmer and drier than usual) and trots out some plain brown butterflies with exotic and lovely names: Little Wood-Satyr, Ringlet and Northern Pearly-eye. 

And in other news, the elusive Larry Weber was captured on camera, working on a survey of the Sax-Zim Bog!

St.Louis County

Families holding ceremonies in the bitter cold outside UMD late last winter were making headlines after car accidents just days apart took the lives of two Native people - and controversy erupted between the medical examiner's insistence on autopsies and the victim's families, who protested autopsies were in violation of their religious beliefs.  

Now St. Louis County has a new Chief Medical Examiner, and there's been a significant change in state law.

Hearing Giant, the latest album from L’anarchiste, is like watching a party from start to finish.  A solo horn, banjo, or synth pulse starts each track before seamless layering brings an eclectic array of instrumentation into the mix, like seeing guests slowly arrive to the party.  Each track then ends with the same solo instrument, alone again, but well-rounded in result.

This Grand Marais singer/songwriter and guitarist joins us in the studio on Friday, June 26 at 2pm. He performs the next day at the Park Point Art Fair from 11am to 2pm.

Digital printmaker Jeff Ruprecht talks about the old technology vs. the new ... and how he welcomed the challenge to design the poster for the 45th Annual Park Point Art Fair.

Tom Tetzner/Flickr

After a year underwater, the frog eggs of last summer have matured to tadpoles and beyond.  Author and naturalist Larry Weber says finally,  the Frogs of Summer are all grown up.

The Guthrie Theater

You won't find Sarah Lawrence at the lake this summer.

One of two artistic directors for LOON (Lyric Opera of the North), Sarah is performing in a run of "The Music Man" at the Guthrie Theater.

An opera singer?  Doing musical theater?  Sarah says it's not snobbery that makes many sopranos and tenors eschew musicals - it's the grueling schedule and a completely different way of singing.

Women's Words on June 28, 2015 features Holly Harden reading her essay "Fourth of July."

Former Two Harbors resident Dennis Herschbach already had three novels in his Two Harbors mystery series under his belt when he started writing "A River Through Two Harbors."  Then he read an article by Christine Stark in the StarTribune and his book took a turn into the only-too-real world of Native women being sex trafficked in the Northland.  When truth is more horrifying than fiction: Dennis Herschbach is our guest this morning on MN Reads.

Potter Sharon Moen was planning on being the next Rachel Carlson when she was pursuing her undergraduate degree in ornithology.  Then she took that one credit art class .....


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Jimmy "Duck" Holmes joins us in the studio, Friday, July 17th at 2:00pm