Crystal Pelkey

7/31 Radio Theatre: The Underground's Crystal Pelkey

"Avenue Q" sounds a lot like "Sesame Street." And yes, there are puppets that look a lot like Muppets. But that's where the similarity between this show - named Best Musical on Broadway in 2004 - and the children's program comes to a screeching halt.
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7/30 MN Reads: "A Skim of Ice on Still Water" by Ann Glumac

For the longest time, Ann Glumac wrote poetry as a way of capturing a moment or an experience. Then she allowed herself to entertain a new idea: what if other people might like what she wrote? On the heels of that thought: what if they don't? My father will wake in the dark... I buy him presents, warm and heavy things of wool and wood. To warm him. To weigh him down so he cannot float away from me into the big night sky. ~ "Solstice" by Ann Glumac Ann is at work on her next collection of...
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7/23 Live From Studio A: The Sharrows

Listen to our session with three-fifths of this rootsy rock band from Madison, Wisconsin from July 23, 2015. They talked about recording their latest EP, Days of Yore, at Mississippi's Zebra Ranch Studio (started by Jim Dickinson and now run by his sons, Luther and Cody of the North Mississippi Allstars).
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DoD News Features

All week August 3-7 on Northland Morning KUMD shares a special series from our Ampers partner KOJB in Leech Lake called "Living the Ojibwe Way of Life" with host Darryl Northbird.  Monday he talks about honoring, what it means and what it means to him.  This is a personal and introspective series that can open your heart and your mind to learning more about Ojibwe way of life.

7/30 Forever Home

Jul 30, 2015

For more information on the Kimberly's Cats and Dogs event Saturday, click here.


Dotty is a black and white domestic medium hair who is 14 years old. She came to us from a previous home and is now looking for her new loving family! This sweet, senior girl would love to find a quiet retirement home where she can spend her golden years. She has been spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated.

The collective and resident artists at Franconia Sculpture Park invite you to participate and watch the dramatic and exciting Hot Metal Iron Pour event on Saturday, August 1. The arts-collective is holding mold making workshops leading up to Saturday’s event and everyone is invited to check out the park, the music and the Hot Metal Iron Pour all day on Saturday.  Radio Gallery spoke with the Director Tamsie Ringler about the event.

Matthew Stinar

  From our Ampers partners, we share a 2-part special report from MN Native News called "Rocking the Boat" Part 1 & 2.  Reporter Melissa Townsend brings us the story of racial disparities for Native communities like in one Northern Minnesota town, Bemidji.  

Politics Off My Body

Public conversations about the idea of privilege are hard, and ironically, much of that is because of our proud heritage of "Minnesota Nice."  But they're important, because those with privilege and those without need to come together in a safe place, ask questions, and learn from one another. 

Studio 15 Art Gallery

Annie Dugan, curator of the Duluth Art Institute and host of "Where's Art?" on Northland Morning, discusses the new survey that you take put out by the Duluth Public Arts Commission to "grow and ensure the sustainability of our vital arts and culture scene."  The survey is available online, but paper copies are available at the Duluth Art Institute as well.

Duluth Community Garden Program

Tom Kasper gives up tips on watering our gardens during the hotter summer days.  

Author and naturalist Larry Weber is back in his own backyard this week, enjoying the flowering of the mid-summer wildflowers, the fledgling birds and particularly, berry season.  Oh, and he says we'll get a second full moon this month, and everyone knows that only happens once in a blue moon!

Judy Garland Museum/John Kelsch

There's no place like home - but tell it to the shoes. 

Almost ten years ago, a pair of Judy Garland's famous red shoes - one of the pairs she wore in 1939's "The Wizard of Oz" - was stolen from a museum in her Grand Rapids hometown. 

Photo by Thomas Raggam

He was only a year old at the start of the Iranian Revolution. 

But 37 year old composer, pianist and conductor Hooshyar Khayam is making history as the first Iranian composer since 1979,  living in Iran, to be commissioned by an American orchestra.  And not just any orchestra:  Duluth's Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra and its artistic director, Warren Friesen.


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Win tickets to Festival Palomino or the Twin Ports Bridge Festival!

Featured Live From Studio A

The Gated Community joins us Live from Studio A on Friday, July 31 at 2pm