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9/3 Sustainability Week: Minnesota Renewable Energy Society

Growing up on a South Dakota farm, Doug Shoemaker used to think how great it would be to drive around all day in a vehicle that ran on sunshine. Fast-forward to today: Doug's retired from his job at Xcel Energy (where he was a service and construction vehicle fleet manager) and he's on the board of the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society, helping to organize and plan next month's Minnesota Solar Tour and getting ready to talk with folks about renewable energy at the Lake Superior Harvest...
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9/2 Sustainability Week: Whole Foods Co-op

When you think "sustainable," it's not too much of a jump to local foods. But the Whole Foods Co-op in Duluth is thinking "sustainable" in a lot of ways. From their LEED-certified building in the Hillside neighborhood (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and the new LEED-designed building coming to West Duluth next year, the Co-op is thinking sustainable communities with the addition of some low-cost options for folks who are on federal food assistance programs and becoming a WIC...
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8/28 Live from Studio A: John Gorka

We were happy to welcome back to our studios this veteran Minnesota folk performer (originally from New Jersey) on August 28, 2015. We talked about his latest release, Bright Side of Down, which came out early last year. www.johngorka.com
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Laura Erickson says no one who knows anything about real nighthawks would ever consider naming their sports team after them ... but Larry Weber has enjoyed watching their migration this week, anyway.

Plus he's been watching hawks migrate at Hawk Ridge,  thrilled to the hundreds of spider webs that showed up so clearly with foggy dewdrops on them and, of course, spent time appreciating "the fungus among us" after the rains.

Twelve-year-old Margaret's mother disapproves of everything she does (and doesn't) do, before she even does (or doesn't) do it.  Keeping her toddler twin sisters from making peanut-butter-and-Kleenex sandwiches and other mischief is eating into her library time over the summer, and to top it off, Sherman Jenson from next door has announced he loves her.

"The Summer Sherman Loved Me" by Jane St. Anthony is published by the University of Minnesota Press. 

Hartley Nature Center

Growing up on a South Dakota farm, Doug Shoemaker used to think how great it would be to drive around all day in a vehicle that ran on sunshine.

9/3 Forever Home

Sep 3, 2015

Rex is a brown Staffordshire Terrier Mix mix who is 1 year old. He came to us as a transfer from a different shelter and is now looking for his new loving home! Rex is an energetic guy who will need a special home dedicated to the continuance of his obedience training. If you have the time and patience to give Rex the home he deserves, please come visit him! He has been neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated.

National Association of City Transportation Officials

The Duluth Bicycle Coalition is frustrated.

During the long public input process into the reconstruction of Superior Street in downtown,  someone expressed interest in protected bike lanes at every meeting.

But when the plan from the city was presented in June, Superior Street looked, basically, just like it does now: diagonal parking to maximize parking spaces and no bike lanes.

Douglas County Historical Society

History comes alive - literally - at the Douglas County Historical Society.

The original play,  called Hardball,  was co-written by Michael Bettencourt, Robert E. Ozasky and Dean Kaner about Dean's grandfather, Hank Kaner;  a baseball phenom from Superior in the '20s who was drafted for the major leagues but faced a dilemma: his Jewish faith prohibited working on Saturdays - and that included pitching baseball games.

Emily Stevenson

What do you suppose is worse: writing a 20 page breakup letter ... or losing said letter only to have it turn up - in its entirety - as a theatrical performance?  And at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, no less?

Facebook couldn't have taken this story of love and loss and done any better by it - we meet the man behind the show "Everything You've Done That Hurt Me."

Thorsburg Photography

Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory has been counting migrants on the ridge for two weeks already, the sun is setting before 8pm and reds and yellows are popping up in all kinds of trees and bushes.

Author and naturalist Larry Weber says goodbye to August and hello to autumn.

Kevin Dooley/Flickr

When you think about it, there are still parents and grandparents who remember when electricity first came to the farm or the cabin.

With the bulk of the system built in the late '40s and '50s, it's no surprise that the infrastructure is in need of a serious update.

Although Lake Country Power tries to replace at least twenty miles of those aging power lines above and below ground every year, they'll get a significant boost from the US Department of Agriculture's funding for rural electric infrastructure projects.


KUMD Live at the MN State Fair

Come along for the ride as we venture to the Great Minnesota Get Together on Thursday, September 3rd for our debut broadcast Live at the Fair!

Featured Live From Studio A

Courtney Yasmineh joins us Live from Studio A on Friday, September 4 at 2:00pm